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Charity Golf Australia will always act with Compassion, giving Help and Hope to the community. Charity Golf Australia will be Accountable and Respectful of monies donated, ensuring monies are spent on having a direct Impact on the community. Charity Golf Australia will be Transparent in its service delivery, ensuring outcomes are evaluated and reported. Charity Golf Australia will say Yes to innovation and creativity in using the monies donated to achieve the best help needed by the community.

About Us

Charity Golf Australia, began by one man, Wilf Sonntag, who has given many years of dedicated service organising charity golf events to raise monies to help those in need within the local community, Wilf has worked endlessly to pursue a charitable model, encouraging Golfers within Australia to play golf for a purpose, “giving Help and Hope”………..


A Driving Force for a Better and Healthier Life for All



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Our Charity

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